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Raw romance

We introduced you to Brandon and Leah when they released their first EP this summer. I cannot get enough of them so I just had to post a new video of their youtube page. After they released their EP they had a little concert for their family and friends outside their studio in Malibu. Their vibes are unbeatable. Take a listen. c. 

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hot hot hot

Brandon & Leah–a hot duo from Malibu has released a new EP “Cronies.” Now you might recognize their music if you are Kardashian fans, “Showstopper” of this EP was the theme song for “Kim and Kourtney Take Miami” this season. Moreover, Brandon is Brody Jenner’s brother. However, don’t let this “born into a famous family” kind of thing fool you–this duo has stayed completely true to their music and they haven’t gone “mainstream,” which, I can imagine, is what you’d expect them to do. They haven’t ever been into the whole reality TV show thing–it seems they just want the music to speak for itself (reference “House of Cards” below). Brandon and Leah are married and you can just tell from the flavor and flair of their music what a connection they have. Their inspiration comes from Bob Marley and Ben Harper and their tunes are quintessential summer jams. These Caribbean style beats tie in the ukelele and an upfret acoustic guitar. They say that “everything is groove based” which is totally detectable from their jams. Give this groovy duo a chance–you won’t be disappointed. c. 


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