bye bye maxwells


It was a bittersweet day in Hoboken, NJ for Maxwell’s owner Steve Fallon, yesterday.  “An end of an era,” die-hards would say.  Maxwell’s, a music landmark in the Metro area, located on 11th street between Wash and Hudson Streets, is closing its doors after a 35 year run.

The past month was jam-packed of sold out shows such as The Feelies and Titus Andronicus.  Over the years, the hot spot has showcased REM, Nirvana, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Joan Jet, and the Smashing Pumpkins.  The final night’s show was done properly, as it was a sort of reunion show for “a.”  “a” was the band that opened Maxwell’s in 1978, whose members have since dispersed and formed the Bongs, and the Individuals.

Said to be the CBGB of New Jersey, it seems as if Maxwell’s succumbed to the same doom. Apparently, as property values (and miserable parking availability) rise, the music scene in Hoboken is less than lackluster, in so much that the venue can’t even support itself on brewskis at their “sold out shows”.  Interestingly enough, the owners took over the spot that used to be a tavern frequented by workers at the Maxwell’s Coffee plant in town.  This is such a shame because Hoboken is #trendier than ever and could really use Maxwell’s to add its appeal.

So to all my Hoboken residents: GET IT TOGETHER.


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