Isssss baaaack.  Now, I’m not sure about you guys but there are certain songs that bring me back to a specific place and time.  I can literally picture exactly where I was while I heard the song.  The people, the drinks, the atmosphere, how I was feeling–all of it.  Their hit song from 2009 “1901” brings me right back to that place, and I’m always happy to hear it.  That is one of the main reasons I adore this band; their first album brings me back to wonderful places and times in my life. The funny part is, you don’t realize how wonderful that time was until it becomes a memory.

I digress horribly and apologize for the corny preaching.

The band’s second album following the damn good Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix that dropped in 2009 (and obviously one of my top albums) is called Bankrupt!  While still channeling the fun and addicting sound the band produced in 2009, Phoenix explores their talents a little more in this album.  An example of their growth is this video of one of the songs called “Entertainment.”  It tells a pretty interesting story with brilliant cinematography.  Give it a watch.  a

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