I have Monday off and am sitting here loving life and finding more music for other hungry ears out there.  What I have come across is something that has changed my day around and hope it will do the same.  This song is the epitome of fun.  I think I’ll dance for the rest of the day.

I am obsessed with this song, these three men, the three hilarious girls in it, the video, the lamb at the end and the #HASHTAGS throughout the video.  I mean are you kidding?  Three sexy men and three sexy women just being weird and dancing and let’s not forget the epic line towards the end of the video: “ROBIN THICKE HAS A BIG D”…like there was ever any question about that.

Per usual #thicke and #pharrell style, the song is super sexy.  #TI is a welcome addition to the sexiness.  Enjoy.  a


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