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This girl is heartbroken.

Kai Redeski, vocalist for Iration, announced on Friday, April 5th, that he will no longer be part of the band.  The Hawaii-based band wished him nothing but the best as he pursues other interests.  Read more here.

It’s funny because I’ve been wondering lately why all the other members of the band have been putting themselves out there on all forms of social media and Kai has refrained.  (Big ups to him on that, actually!)  In the latest video I posted of their Trolley Show, Kai’s attitude seemed kind of lack-luster.  Maybe that’s just the way he is: calm, cool, and simple minded.

It’s such a bummer to see the make up of Iration change, especially after seeing how much The Movement changed when Jordan Miller left the band and the rest of the band members continued to make music.  Seeing as how this was clearly a well thought out decision by all members of Iration, hopefully they will avoid mediocrity and find the courage to grow by following in the footsteps of Rebelution when they experienced a similar situation.


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