almost the weeknd

Another one long overdue…
The Weeknd
Terminal 5, NY, NY
Thursday, October 25, 2012

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I was surprised to find out that Kanye’s DJ was not only the opener but also an opener who had an hour long set. He didn’t deserve more than two songs, to be honest. Here’s why: there was no fade or transition between songs–he didn’t use his board at all.  It was like putting an iPod on shuffle at a party.  Never a good idea. When Daft Punk came on after Wake Flaka Flame, the place went from a dance club to a picnic. Maybe he wanted to recognize that there was a mixed crowd? Regardless, peoples excitement for the main act was kinda beat after those wasted 60 minutes.
Part II was great as soon as Abel, better known as The Weeknd, hit the stage.  The sly way he puts his work out there by not giving away a whole lot, but still telling a story and still leaving people wanting more isn’t just for youtube.  This guy has manifested a being, or a feeling, or a place–it’s something that I can’t put my finger on–it’s The Weeknd.
The girls that appear in faded photos came to life in a intentionally wrecked film that looped the entire show as a backdrop.  The lights that acted like a camera flash were a little aggressive, although they became entertaining when I noticed that the bulb was awfully phallic; most definitely intentional.
I admit I was hesitant to hear him live after watching is performance at Coachella in 2012 online, but he owned the stage and the crowd at Terminal 5.  His vocals were strong enough that he didn’t need the backup vocalists who had too much influence in the performance (that lasted until almost 11:30!).
It was a show that left girls hot and sweaty.  It was a show where girls fainted.  Ok, well that was all me, but trust me, it wasn’t because the show was that good.  Terminal 5 needed to open the doors and put the air on.  Come on, it was a sold out show!
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