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So, something I have read about more than once in the news recently, is the ongoing issue concerning ‘transgenderism’.  This case in Colorado is the latest.  Remember this post about Tom Gabel of Against Me! ?

Admittedly, I don’t understand the ‘ism’, the issue, or all the fuss.  I have a million and a half questions.  To learn more what this was all about, I revisited Tom Gabel’s account of transitioning to Laura Jane Grace.  To my surprise, I learned that most transgenders, too, don’t even understand the issue or all the fuss.

You can read more about Laura Jane Grace in Rolling Stone‘s story and even watch clips from MTV of her explaining her life including the struggles of growing up, starting a family, and even clothes and how the materialistic staple influences the identity.  She says that she is putting her story out there for others who are struggling as transgenders.  Little does she know that it’s educating more than just that group of people.

What people need to understand, most importantly, is that Against Me! is still the same band.  The same band who is currently touring the US [*East Coast*: they are here 3/22-3/29 in major cities].  The same band who has over a million likes on Facebook that they are touring the US and get to see not Laura Jane Grace, but the band, Against Me!.

The music doesn’t change.

But, behind all the music is a story.


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