Beyonce wins the Superbowl

Okay we here at Pbandjams have a very special place (or obsession) in our hearts for this leading lady as evidenced by our text conversation (which included us, laughing, jumping up and down and other things that probably shouldn’t be named from three different parts of the country) during the halftime show last night. Leading up to her Super Bowl performance there was a lot of hype about whether she lip-synched during the inauguration. In order to silence the critics she sung the national anthem completely live at a press conference and answered questions about that performance and the Super Bowl. She assured fans that she would be singing at the Super Bowl completely live.

She also addressed a question about her Documentary Special that will premier on February 16 on HBO. I am so excited.

Now for the REALLY exciting stuff. Beyonce literally shut the house down in New Orleans last night. She sung everything from “Check On It” to “Love on Top” to  “Halo” with perfection. It was a performance to go down in the record books. She even surprised us with the reunion of Destinys Child! She sexed up the stage and no one could deny that she absolutely killed it. I am sitting here trying to think of more words to describe her performance but I can’t find any that even come close to doing this performance justice. You are just going to have to watch it.

Did I mention she did the dutty whine?




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