JM gets away

As we have said before, pbandjams has a special place for the Movement and Jordan Miller–so it only appropriate that you hear about Jordan Miller’s new single ASAP. This summer Jordan Miller (the lead singer, and co-founder of the movement) announced that he was taking somewhat of a hiatus from the Movement right after the release of “One More Night” which was arguably their best stuff yet. The other members of the band took to twitter and Facebook and insisted that Jordan was leaving to pursue a solo career. JM vehemently denied these rumors–said he was leaving for other reasons. In many messages to fans both sides told totally different stories.

However, JM is releasing his solo EP “Public Consumption” on 12/12/12. In anticipation for this album he has released a single entitled “Getaway” and it is really great–he isn’t losing his reggae vibe at all. If this is foreshadowing his EP I think it will be pretty fantastic. Enjoy and support. c. 

Jordan Miller


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