all i need

So early this year The Movement caused an uproar on all social media outlets.  The lead singer, front man, co-founder, and all-around charmer, Jordan Miller, announced to his band of brothers that he needed to take some time and “get healthy.”  Because he announced this while they were in the midst of touring to promote their new album, One More Night (ironic, no?) fellow band members, and many dedicated fans, took this as a slap in the face.  Was he going to start a solo career?  Was he going to rehab?  The rumors and accusations were few and far between.  Whatever the truth may be, albeit there is an inkling of a return, Jordan left the band.  The remaining members coerced former co-founder Joshua Swain to return to the band to finished their scheduled gigs.  The energy was there but the vibe wasn’t.  The band has a special chemistry when all members are together.  The Movement will never be The Movement without Jordan Miller.

While Jordan has been taking a break, he hasn’t put down his guitar.  In fact, he will be releasing an EP, Public Consumption, sometime in October.  It is a little less reggae, but still very much him.  Maybe that’s just what his break was for, to find himself.  The songs he has posted online, especially “All I Need” remind me of what “When that Feeling Goes Away” started out as caustically and transformed to a hit on One More Night.  Maybe we will see The Movement together before we know it.  Hey, a girl can hope.


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