oh tay

I think Tay Tay is confused. I think she made this music video so we can read the lyrics to try to make sense of her breakups? We are never getting back together! But wait, “never say never?” Come on Tay, make up your mind. Maybe her 18 year old boyfriend Mr. Kennedy helped her with these song lyrics. First off, what a long name for a song–thats like 6 words…

But then I looked up the longest song name and found this: “The Sad But True Story Of Ray Mingus, The Lumberjack Of Bulk Rock City, And His Never Slacking Stribe In Exploiting The So Far Undiscovered Areas Of The Intention To Bodily Intercourse From The Opposite Species Of His Kind, During Intake Of All The Mental Condition That Could Be Derived From Fermentation,” by Rednex.

bottom line. tay is trying a little to hard but there is still a chance the song will grow on me–i’ve always been a t-swift fan at heart.

p.s. ironic these are both “country” songs…I guess they have nothing better to do then think up long names for songs right j?


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