SOJA hits the lou

anddddd i’m back….with another SOJA experience. As you might remember I travelled 10 hours roundtrip in one night to see SOJA in Kansas City for my birthday this year. They seemed to hit every city in the midwest except the good ‘ole lou during their winter tour. When they released the dates for the summer tour it seemed as if they touring with 311 in every city EXCEPT st. louis. I was very distraught and don’t judge me for informing the band of my qualms on their Facebook wall. I am not going to take credit for what happened next ….they added ONE TOUR DATE in the middle of the summer and guess where that was….ST LOUIS BABY. I was at work and smiled from ear to ear the day I found out. 

The venue: 3070 Cherokee Street. I had never heard of the venue so I was very surprised when it turned out to be a art studio space turned music venue. It was small and they didn’t have the best acoustics I have ever heard but the vibe was amazing. There were artists on the sides of the venue working on their pieces and jamming out to the show. Jacob gave the artists and the venue a really great shout out–acknowledging the cool vibe. If only could have been here that weekend. 

The opener was Josh Heinrichs. He is a native Missourian and performs around the St. Louis area often but I haven’t been able to catch him up until this point. Since the acoustics weren’t the best it was a little difficult to understand him but he jammed out. I think his music would be best heard with just him and a guitar, his voice is incredible. 

SOJA. After seeing them at a terrible venue in Kansas City where they were not their best because of the horrible circumstances, I was ready for a show–and a show I got. They played a good variety of their old tunes and the new ones and they just seemed genuinely excited to be there. The heart this band has is hard to match and I am so happy that I was able close out my summer with one of their shows. If we here at pbandjams have not yet convinced you to become a fan of SOJA there is something wrong with you 🙂

keep an eye out because is on the comeback with some awesome jams to throw your way.

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