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So way back on June 29th, I caught the last show of the “Love and Roots” tour at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC.  Micah Brown started things off right with his California soul-folk sound.  This month, he (and I) are anticipating the release of his album, “The Isle of Her.”  His bandcamp page features some songs from the album, along with a free download!  I have to say, he deserved a lot more credit than what he got as an opener.  His name definitely should have been on the bill.
Next came Anuhea, who says that she “thrives off the energy of an audience.”  I really enjoyed her spunkiness to get everyone into having a good time.  She balanced this energy with a calm aura, though, especially when she played “Mr. Mellow” (her rendition of “Mellow Man?”)  Maybe it’s because she reminds me a little bit of my friend Chelsea Smith, but this girl can hold her own around all these big male talents from the island.  On a side note, her brother hits the road with her; not on stage, but as the Merch Manager.  He started a pretty cool gig called 50th State of Mind.  It’s a Hawai’i based clothing company representing the art, culture, music, and lifestyle of Hawai’i.  The threads are pretty sweet–check ’em out!
Mishka finished off the show.  Although I have seen him live before, it was like my first time because he played with his band.  His solo acoustic set was intimate and incredibly mellow.  It was an opportunity to see Mishka’s personality shine through true talent.  With the band, he was alive.  His vocals and dancing were full of energy.
For one night, I was on a tropical island, and my ears led the way.


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