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I am incredibly overdue on sharing my musical adventures, so I intend on updating pbandjams little by little which will seem like a barrage of posts.  Sorry, I’m not sorry.

So in the middle of May when the weather was just right, I was spontaneous and spent somewhat of happy hour in Tuxedo Park, NY at the Mighty High Mountain Festival.  It turned out to be several very happy hours.  The weather was perfect, the company was perfect, and the vibe wasn’t so bad either.  From what the annuals told me, the number of attendees practically doubled since last year, quadrupling the original turnout.  The crowd was manageable, the people really far out.

It turns out that the peeps from Create a Vibe/those in charge of the 5th annual festival.  Having once been owners of Mexicali Blues (now Mexicali Live) the friend-owners know exactly who to bring to the mountains to make it a legit line-up.  See the poster above
and you’ll understand.  Railroad Earth’s set was pretty killer.

Right now I’m trying to resist comparisons because I appreciate the character of a smaller festival like Mighty High.  There were more locals than what shore natives would call ‘bennies.’  All ages danced, sang, laughed, and enjoyed each other’s company in the grassy fields of what is little Tuxedo Ridge ski mountain in the winter.  Alright, alright, I can’t resist any longer.  Mountain Jam Festival, just down 87 in Hunter, NY, is really the festival to go to for metropolitan hippies.  The mountain is larger, offering more space for camping, more space to dance in front of their four stages.  Facilities and vendors are more accommodating, despite tighter security (or security in general).  It’s just a bigger mountain with a deeper lineup.  I recommend checking out the Mighty High Mountain Festival next year if you are in the area because just like the other festivals like Mountain Jam or Bonnaroo, the music is good.

more soon, j

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