Jack White has gone solo and it works. White has always been an incredible artist, and the single from this album “Love Interruption” is a newly found favorite of mine. Tortured, depressing, emotional, the single embodies a twisted artist like White. Well I’m here to tell you, the rest of the album delivers. The rest of the tracks provide some variety, like “Freedom at 21.” The over all vibe from the album is vintage. He nails the Nashville sound with “Love Interruption” but the classic rock sound is eminent in “I Guess I Should Go to Sleep.”

I love the music, but I love his lyrics. I don’t think I can quite stress it enough: the man is a true artist. Please do yourself a favor and listen. Other tracks to feed your ears with: “Blunderbuss” and “I’m Shaking.”

In it’s entirety: I love it. a

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