Reign of Terror

The day finally arrived on Tuesday the 21st people: the sophomore album from Sleigh Bells, and I will be honest: I am not at all disappointed.  The duo made up of Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller still gave us a stereo-blasting, face-melting, “oh my god I need to see them perform this CD in concert yesterday” album.  Although it may not have the shock value of Treats (because let’s be honest, that CD was a shock to most) Reign of Terror has the same great, authentic sound: loud and awesome.

Reign of Terror has a little bit of a different feel to it.  It’s certainly not as in-your-face as Treats, perhaps what J was referring to with “Comeback Kid”, a kind of pop-type feel to it.  I don’t think it has hindered the album at all because there are still some hard tracks on Reign of Terror.  “Born to Lose” is one of them, as well as “Demons.”  Not to mention they open with “True Shred Guitar” which is a song that epitomizes the soul of Sleigh Bells.

Krauss had the opportunity more so on this album than their freshmen album to demonstrate her vocal abilities.  Songs like”End of the Line,” “Road to Hell,” “You Lost Me” and “D.O.A.” do just that.  Usually hidden by Miller’s loud and sharp guitar (hey I’m not complaining) Krauss is finally heard a little more than she was before.

Don’t worry though, she still maintains her fun and sassy side with songs like “Crush” and “Leader of the Pack.”  “Crush” is probably my favorite from the album, so for the love of God check it out.

Overall:  I love it.  Treats holds a special place in my heart, but I was so excited for Reign of Terror and I am not at all let down.  My only concern?  Supposedly they are playing the Garden in Boston…having seen them a couple times in concert, I am worried about how they play a huge venue like that.  If you haven’t seen them in concert, catch them this time around.  It’ll melt your f***ing face off.  a

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