Love is a Murderer

I have been blasting LCD Soundsystem while I continue into my cleaning coma in my apartment.  I realized something: I am utterly addicted and connected to “I Can Change.”  Now this isn’t any real new epiphany, I’ve always loved the song.  I just haven’t listened to it in quite some time.

Front man, Murphy sings the song so sincerely, it’s really quite mind boggling how he does it amidst the synthesizers and other weird noises going on.  This one verse always blows me away:

“and love is a murderer, love is a murderer
but if she calls you tonight
everything is all right
yeah, we know
and love is a curse shoved in a hearse
“love is an open book to a verse of your bad poetry
and this is coming from me”

After this verse, the bastard wants to change, wants to change, wants to change.  If it weren’t for the synthesizers and other weird noises, this song would be wildly depressing.  Is this just me?  I hope not.  Am I pessimist?  Absolutely.  But give the song a listen, it’s quite genuine.  a

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