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Long overdue, but here is the follow up to c’s post. Last Thursday I saw SOJA at The Bowery in NYC. I had hoped to see them in Brooklyn the following day with The Movement, but some scheming led me to Manhattan and lots of smiles. I-Octane was the first opener, who I think c would have liked. His sound could be described as experimental reggae with a splash of Demarco and Serani club swag. He definitely fired the place up. Next was Fear Nuttin band who rocked their reggae-metal set that included ‘Rebel.’ These guys carried on the heavy sound and passed along the word of positive living to SOJA.
Being that I can no longer count the times I’ve seen these guys live on my fingers, I’d like to say I know their performance. Let me tell you, each and every time they blow me away. There is an energy in the room that infects everyone with good vibes. Whether it’s the genuine camaraderie between the band members or the humble and charismatic frontman, Jacob Hemphill, the DC natives are a breath of fresh air. Without a doubt, SOJA burned the place down. Their oxymoronic mellow energy bounced off the walls as they jammed to their classics and showcased tracks off of their new album ‘Strength to Survive.’ Inspired by Bob to truly sing a story for change, you can feel the hope, belief, soul, fear, love, doubt, and courage of one being and hopefully in yourself too. It’s pretty heavy, but SOJA’s music keeps you light on your toes. Always, peace-j


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