The Grammy’s Exorcism?

So the Grammys were last night and Lady Gaga did not show up in an egg, in fact, she did not even perform; however, Nicki Minaj took her place with her gaga-esque performance. There has been a lot of uproar of what Nicki Minaj called “the only performance that she has ever been proud of” when she talked with Ryan Seacrest on the radio this morning. Minaj showed up on the red carpet wearing a large red Versace cloak accompanied by a man resembling a Catholic religious figure. The performance speaks for itself. It is controversial because it is centered around an exorcism of her alter-ego Roman. When Nicki was talking to Ryan this morning she explained her reasoning behind the performance. She said that Roman’s mother thinks there is something wrong with him because he is not like all the other children so she calls in a religious figure to perform and exorcism. Minaj explains that the exorcism that she acts out on stage does not work because Roman does not have the devil in him, instead he is just different. Nicki emphasized that she was inspired by Madonna after their performance together at the Superbowl and that now, more than ever, she is going to lead with her artistic foot and follow her gut. Although I thought this performance was a little over the top for a Grammy show, Minaj said that the Grammy producers picked the song that she was to perform “Roman’s Holiday.” One more fun fact for the road: Nicki Minaj was the first female rapper to ever perform solo on the Grammy stage. Girl Power. Here is a shoddy version of last night’s performance but you will most likely get the gist. I’m still a Nicki fan but as one of my friends tweeted last night, “she has forever given Sophia Grace and Rosie nightmares.” c. 

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