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You know when you find that artists who is super-good who you know is going to be the next big thing and you don’t want to tell anyone because you’re afraid that once you do, the artist will be too mainstream to like anymore?  But once that artist actually gets airtime you try and take all the credit for finding him/her first…alright, so this is how I feel a lot of the time.  Apparently it runs in the family because my mom thought she discovered Adele when she watched her set on FuseTV when she was supposed to be trying to spot me in the crowds at Bonnaroo in ’08.  To make this phenomenon come full circle, I recently saw a commercial on MTV for one of their featured artists series that showcased Lana del Rey.  Yes, I thought that this beauty would stay under the mainstream radar for at least a little longer.  I know, how incredibly selfish of me, right?  Her voice is mysterious in a bad girl romance kinda way.  Her music videos are cryptic and slightly reminiscent of childhood dreams.  She tells stories that make you want to cry.  She is a total bombshell and I kinda want to be like her. -j

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  1. […] Lana Del Rey’s original music videos I first referenced here were like documentaries of lucid dreams; very original yet very relatable. They are very original in […]

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