for these few days

For Easter, 4/20, Earth Day, and today.


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zz remix


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for dandelion #OITNB




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so into this (him) right now:


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edward #surfbort sheeran

I looked like a fool driving to work the other day smiling ear to ear listening to this.  Damnit, Ed; you’re the cutest.


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Music is a universal language.  So is happiness.  And Pharrell.


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Lana lana lana

…has just released her newest single “West Coast.” The single comes off of her album Ultraviolence to be released later this year. This album is getting a lot of hype and based off this single its well-deserved. We love you, Lana, you’re a babe. c. 

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On Fire

Everyone fell in love with Passenger’s song “Let Her Go,” which was evidenced even more in this year’s Budweiser Super Bowl commercial–a beautifully sappy song and puppies–who wouldn’t melt? Passenger has released his new single “Hearts on Fire” and I am digging it. c. 

in case you need a refresher…


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insert away message here

20 Song Lyrics That Were Definitely In Your AIM Away Message

Holy #fbf.

I’m unashamedly guilty of #15 and #20…we won’t get into what was lurking in my AIM profile.  I could tell you at least three middle school friends who used #1 as a default.  Hey, SmarterChild probably did, too.  It’s an epic line.



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Nirvana Hall of Fame

Lorde performed “All Apologies” alongside Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear.  This completely blew my mind and I cannot wait for one second to play it on repeat forever. 

Joan Jett, St Vincent and Kim Gordon were other lady rockers that made tonight so awesome.

Check out a small blip of the Lorde’s performance here.  Can’t wait to see all the performances and hear about the evening.  I’m a huge Nirvana fan and I’m also a huge nerd.  I can’t help it.  a




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